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A Walk In The Park

October 12, 2011

The weather was just beautiful on Monday.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day to spend together.  With the craziness of everyday life caring for kids, working, etc, it’s always nice to take a break and just focus on each other for a change.  After dropping off the kids at her mom’s, Laggie and I went to have a nice lunch at Bricco Trattoria in Glastonbury.  It was the first time we had been there and we really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food.  We had brought our cameras with us with the idea that we would go for a walk after lunch and just take some photographs and enjoy the weather.  Laggie came up with the idea of going over to Wickham Park in Manchester, so we drove over and just walked around the various gardens.  We really enjoyed our time together there and it was definitely great to reconnect for a while and just be together.  Days like this are what I live for.

These are some of the photos we made while we were at the park:

A structure from the Oriental Garden - photo by Laggie

Me trying to get a decent shot in the Oriental Garden - photo by Laggie

The white bridge in the Oriental Garden

Tea House in the Oriental Garden

Another structure in the Oriental Garden - I liked the reflection on the water

Lion's head fountain in the English Garden

Me - photo by Laggie, obviously...

Laggie working the shot of a little cherub statue in the English Garden

Cherub statuettes in the English Garden - photos by Laggie

A small pagoda fountain and beautiful reflection in the Lotus Garden - left photo by Laggie, right photo by me

Laggie in the Lotus Garden. We found some really nice light there.

I think this is some kind of lantern. This was in the Lotus Garden. Love the green in this image.

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